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Conference Paper Policies

Commercialism Policy

OTC recognizes to maintain the integrity, high quality, and unbiased information in all forms of written and oral presentations at any OTC event. Overt commercialism is prohibited outside of the commercial exhibit areas.

Items deemed to be commercial in nature will not be allowed or disseminated. This includes, but is not limited to, Conference Proceedings, presentations, OnePetro, Journals, and promotional material.

Use of the following will be carefully scrutinized during evaluation and presentation and could result in being withdrawn from the program:

  • Generic descriptions should replace commercial trade names or trademarked materials and company names
  • Company logos allowed on title and closing slide only
  • Text which is overtly commercial in tone or intent within paper titles, presentation slides, text, tables, figures, animation, audio, and video is prohibited

Repeated violations of this policy may result in the speaker and/or moderator being barred from participating in future OTC event programs.

No Paper, No Podium

OTC meetings have a "No Paper, No Podium" policy. If an abstract is accepted to a conference, the author will be required to submit a manuscript by the deadline date. If a manuscript is not submitted, the paper will be withdrawn from the program and the author will not be allowed to present at the conference. All presented manuscripts will become an official record in the permanent technical paper archive, OnePetro, which is available online at www.onepetro.org.

No Presentation Policy

The failure of OTC conference authors to have at least one author or designated individual participate in-person or virtually at the same time of the live presentation to present and/or answer questions will result in the paper being permanently withdrawn from the OTC technical paper archive in OnePetro. If the event does not require live presentations, this policy does not apply.

Dual Submission Policy

Authors will be allowed to submit abstracts to only one conference at a time. An abstract must be declined by a program committee prior to being submitted to another conference for consideration. In the event it is detected that an abstract has been submitted to more than one conference, all versions/copies of that abstract will be removed from consideration.

Any paper previously presented at a conference and published in OnePetro may not be re-submitted for publication at an OTC conference. The author may present the subject matter at subsequent conferences at the invitation of the program committee, but the paper will not be included in the conference proceedings.

Manuscript Processing Procedures

To best serve attendees, OTC makes its Proceedings available on the first day of the conference. To ensure that these Proceedings provide a quality version of a presented paper, authors are requested to check their manuscript carefully for errors and get all required company approval(s) prior to uploading.

Serious Problems with Your Proceedings Paper After Uploading

If, for legal or other reasons, it is imperative that a paper NOT appear in the Proceedings, the author must contact the Bienor Melo immediately and provide a detailed explanation why the paper must be withdrawn. The paper will be pulled, as requested, from OnePetro. If the paper is already live on OnePetro, it may take 3-5 business days before it is removed. This is why authors are required to get all company approvals BEFORE uploading a manuscript.

Correction Policy

To best serve attendees, OTC makes its Proceedings available on the first day of the conference both in CD and on OnePetro. To ensure that these Proceedings provide a quality version of each paper, authors are ask to review their manuscript carefully for errors and get all required company approval(s) prior to uploading.

Correction Requests

If an author has a correction that needs to be made to a submitted manuscript, the corresponding author should submit the correction information via the Manuscript Correction Request Form (SPE Login required).

•A USD 100 fee will be charged for the processing of the updated version. 
•Please note that any corrections will only apply to the version of the manuscript on OnePetro. It will not apply to the version of the paper that is on the Proceedings if the CD has already been produced.

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