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OTC Distinguished Achievement Awards for Companies, Organizations, and Institutions

2023 ExxonMobil Liza

For exemplary execution of challenging deepwater megaprojects developing and utilizing local resources to create a foundation for future projects. 

2022 Shell Appomattox

For pioneering efforts in producing the deepwater Norphlet High Pressure High Temperature development and innovating technology solutions to the industry while exceeding project delivery expectations. 

2021 ADNOC

For being a pioneer in the integrated approach to the digitalization of oil and gas operations with the Panorama, through the entire value chain from production, processing, refining, petrochemicals, and marketing.

2020 Petrobras

For executing the Buzios Project complex asset development challenge in integrating novel and unique technologies to deliver the world’s largest ultra-deepwater hub.

2019 ExxonMobil

For the technological advancements of the Hebron Offshore project, that are expected to benefit future offshore developments in the area of topsides footprint and weight, while achieving world-class safety performance.

2018 Shell and SBM Offshore

Recognizing Shell and SBM Offshore for developing the world’s deepest oil and gas project, the Stones field, using a leased FPSO, an industry-first pairing of a steel lazy wave riser system with the largest disconnectable buoy turret mooring system, and an artificial lift system designed for 15,000 psi. Together, Shell and SBM also completed a successful safety milestone when the Stones FPSO project logged more than 18 million work hours in the construction phase with only one lost-time incident, a notable achievement for an endeavor of this scale.

2017 LLOG Exploration Offshore, LLC

Recognizing LLOG Exploration Offshore, LLC for their outstanding work on the Delta House project. Delta House is a floating production system in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico engineered, built, and operated by LLOG. The facility came on-line in April of 2015 and has already produced over 50 MMBOE. The cost, time from discovery to first production, safety performance, reliability, and regulatory compliance is at an industry-leading level. The breakeven price for Delta House from inception was approximately USD 27/bbl and is below USD 20/bbl going forward.

2016 The Marine Technology Society Dynamic Positioning (DP) Committee

Recognizing the Marine Technology Society Dynamic Positioning (DP) Committee for facilitating incident-free DP operations through sharing of knowledge. Comprised of a committee of dedicated volunteers, it provides vessel owners, operators, marine class societies, engineers, and regulators with valuable tools such as conferences and workshops. In addition, it shares extensive guidance documents covering DP design philosophy, operations, and professional development and has developed a growing set of unique documents called TECHOP, which address specific topics of significant interest and impact.

2015 Petrobras

Recognizing Petrobras’ pre-salt development for their successful implementation of ultra-deepwater solutions and setting new water depth records. Petrobras increased their efforts in technology development to exploit this hard-to-access resource, in waters up to 2,200 m (7,200 ft). By the end of 2014, Petrobras was producing more than 700,000 bpd of oil in the pre-salt layer of the Campos and Santos basins. The oil and gas production in this challenging environment demanded the development of different riser systems, which were successfully applied and are now available for the industry. Additionally, Petrobras achieved a significant reduction in the drilling and completion time for wells.


BP Clair Ridge Development

Recognizing the deployment of BP’s LoSal® EOR (Reduced Salinity Enhanced Oil Recovery) technology into the Clair Ridge development, located west of Shetland, UK. The effort represents the first sanctioned, full-field, offshore use of the LoSal EOR technology, which was developed by BP to increase oil recovery.


Total Pazflor

TOTAL is being honored for its Pazflor deep offshore development in Angola. Now 18 months into production, Pazflor is one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated deep offshore developments to date.



For the Perdido Development Project and its challenging water depths and complexity, as well as a special appreciation and strong emphasis on the excellent safety record throughout the project.


BP Norway 

For the Life of Field seismic reservoir surveillance project which is demonstrating the practicality of implementing seismic surveillance of producing hydrocarbon reservoirs.


Anadarko Petroleum and Enterprise Field Services

For Independence Hub, an innovative collaboration to forge coordinated solutions to access ultra-deepwater reserves.


Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd.

For the Sakhalin II Phase 2 Project, which implemented complex integrated project facilities in a technically challenging and environmentally sensitive arctic environment, demonstrating significant achievements in technical excellence, project execution effectiveness and HSES performance.



For Ormen Lange, an innovative subsea-to-shore development which overcame significant technical challenges to become Norway’s deepest offshore development.


Anadarko Petroleum Corp., Helix Energy Solutions, and Enterprise Products Partners

For the lasting contribution to the offshore industry of their joint development of the Marco Polo project, the deepest application of tension leg platform technology in the world, which led to the industry's first-ever production in 4300' of water.


DORIS Engineering

For its sustained and pioneering innovations in the design and construction of offshore facilities for nearly four decades. DORIS has addressed special and difficult problems in frontier areas, including harsh environments, remote locations and very deep waters. DORIS has participated in important advancements in technologies for concrete platforms, subsea facilities, floating production/storage systems and living quarters that have reduced risk and costs.


Kerr-McGee Oil and Gas Corp. and Technip

For their successful global relationship that has pioneered and delivered three generations of spar floating production systems in nine years. Application of the third generation cell spar at Red Hawk has significantly reduced the economical industry reserve threshold for stand alone deepwater field developments.


Shell and BP for the Na Kika Project

For outstanding application in the design, construction and installation of the Na Kika floating development and production system in 6,350 feet of water, and the associated subsea infrastructure that ties together six dispersed fields.


TotalFinaElf for the Girassol Project

For its technical innovations, its demanding project schedule, and its ability to overcome major challenges. Technical innovations include application of unique free-standing towers, deepest adaptation of the hinge-over subsea template, the largest FPSO in the water depth including the largest module for sulfate removal, industry-first midwater flowlines, largest catenary leg mooring buoy, to name a few.


ExxonMobil Development Company 

For innovative technology employed in the development of the Hoover / Diana project, the first simultaneous co-development of multiple deepwater fields; particularly, the significant advances in drilling, subsea and riser technologies that contributed to the project's success.


Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) 

For outstanding advancements to deepwater technology and economics in the development of the Roncador Field; a timeline of 27 months from discovery to first oil production in a water depth of more than 1800 meters; made possible by the use of a dynamically positioned early production system, and a dedicated production system using steel catenary exporting risers, taut-leg polyester mooring, and subsea production hardware.


Kerr-McGee Corporation - FPS Neptune Project 

For the Neptune Spar Project and specifically for the foresight and vision in the commitment to the design, fabrication, installation and subsequent operation of the first Spar production platform. This innovative technology has resulted in a new generation of floatingproduction systems that offer a viable alternative to existing platforms for deepwater drilling, production, processing and operations.


British Petroleum Development Ltd, 

For successfully overcoming the technical and economic challenges presented by both the Pioneering Foinaven and subsequent Schiehallion FPSO/Subsea developments and for achieving the highest safety and environmental standards that have been recognized by regional stakeholders.


The Mensa Project, Shell Deepwater Development Inc. 

For major advancements in the economic recovery of deep water, remote petroleum reserves through the development, installation and successful operation of the Mensa project, which established new records for water depth and tieback distance.


Amoco Corp. 

For development of the Liuhua Project, a major multinational offshore project employing innovative techniques in design, construction, and installation, particularly the subsea building block system and ESP's in subsea wells. In addition, Liuhua established the precedent for relationships and joint ventures in China.


Conoco, Inc. 

For design, construction, installation and start up operation of the world's first concrete tension leg platform hull. Developed in 345 meters water depth in one of the world's most harsh operating environments, the Heidrun Project represents a significant extension of offshore technology, including less than five years from detailed engineering to first production.



For distinguished contributions and commitment to the offshore oil and gas industry in the fields of design, manufacture and installation of flexible steel pipe that have contributed significantly to floating production systems, deepwater developments and high pressure pipes for drilling and well servicing.


Brown & Root, Inc. 

For sustained and continuing contributions to the design and construction of a wide variety of offshore facilities, worldwide, in many physical environments and under a wide range of technical and commercial conditions.


Freeport-McMoRan Resource Partners 

For technological excellence in the design and construction of the world's largest offshore system of interconnected and stand-alone structures for simultaneous mining of sulfur and production of oil and gas; and in recognition of the innovative design elements and overall project management to anticipate and accommodate the significant subsidence effects of offshore mining operations.


Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) 

For outstanding technical achievements related to the development of deepwater production systems, including guidelineless lay-away wet Christmas trees with flexible pipe in water depths exceeding 700 meters, installation of the world's deepest monobuoy at a depth of 405 meters, floating production systems moored in water depth exceeding 600 meters; and for establishing, with participating scientific and technical communities, development programs directed toward enhancing deepwater systems.


Heerema Offshore Construction Group, Inc. 

For significant achievements in offshore technology over a period of many years, especially for the conception, design, and successful operation of the first semi-submersible twin crane vessels that revolutionized offshore construction by permitting continuous operations in severe weather, making possible lifts substantially larger than previous generations of derrick barges.


Halliburton Geophysical Services, Inc. 

For pioneering and innovative contributions by their engineers, scientists, and managers to offshore technology in the development and implementation of high-density 3-D seismic marine surveys that today are conventionally used worldwide in offshore oil and gas field developments.


Placid Oil Co. 

For distinguished achievements in the design, construction, and installation of a floating production system for deep water and especially for completion of a well in 2,300 feet of water and for design innovations in the production riser and pipeline connection techniques.


Norwegian Contractors 

For enhancements of the design and successful fabrication and deployment of concrete drilling, production, and storage facilities in the North Sea, and especially for pioneering offshore applications of the slip-form method of concrete construction, extending oil and gas production to deeper and more harsh offshore areas.


Scripps Institute of Oceanography 

For more than eight decades of pioneering work in ocean and marine technology that has contributed materially to the exploration for the recovery of ocean resources; for excellence in basic research and multidisciplinary offshore technology fields including seafloor topography and deep submarine exploration; and for major contributions to the Deep Sea Drilling Program.


McClelland Engineers, Inc. 

For distinguished, outstanding contributions to marine geotechnical engineering through the development of techniques for the analysis and design of foundations for offshore structures; for significant advances in geotechnical data acquisition through new procedures and techniques; and in recognition of the company's worldwide leadership role in advancing analytical and data-gathering technology to permit improved safety and cost-effective design of offshore structures worldwide.


Conoco, Inc. 

For distinguished contributions to offshore technology through the design, construction, installation, and operation of the world's first commercial drilling and production tension leg platform in the Hutton Field, U.K.; and especially for design innovations in the tension leg platform concept that have advanced deepwater oil and gas production technology.


Exxon Co., U.S.A. 

For distinguished achievements in the design, construction, and installation of the world's first commercial guyed-tower drilling and production platform, which has contributed significantly to deepwater construction technology and to industry's capabilities for producing hydrocarbon reserves in deeper offshore waters.


Cameron Iron Works, Inc. 

In recognition of the development, design, manufacture, and installation of the first caisson subsea completion system, thereby providing maximum protection and safety in offshore production areas hazardous to subsea completions.


Shell Oil Co. 

In recognition of the distinguished achievements of Shell Oil Co. in the innovative design, construction, and installation of COGNAC--the world's deepest (1,025 feet) and heaviest (50,000 tons) bottom-founded steel drilling and production platform. Construction and installation of this platform involved the first application of an underwater pile-driving hammer, the use of a record number of deep saturation-diving team days for installation support, and the innovative application of state-of-the-art technology in the use of remote control techniques for platform positioning, alignment, and joining of the three-part platform.


Gulf Universities Research Consortium

For outstanding contribon the health of estuarine and near-shore oceanic environments.


Exxon Co., U.S.A.

In recognition of the contribution to offshore technology in the design, construction, and testing of a deepwater, diverless submerged production system. This highly innovative approach to deepwater offshore production and the experience and knowledge gained in testing techniques and equipment are major contributions to the development and production not only of petroleum but of other mineral resources.



For distinguished contributions in applying advanced technology concepts in acoustics and automation to offshore petroleum problems, and for the timely development of new products in the dynamic positioning area, which have assisted the petroleum industry in achieving drilling and operations capabilities in ever deeper water.


IHC Holland 

In recognition of its excellent ability to translate innovative concepts into properly working pieces of equipment for the offshore industry, particularly in the areas of drilling, construction barges, and offshore loading.


Phillips Petroleum Co. 

To Phillips Petroleum Co. for its distinguished contributions to offshore technology in the development of the Ekofisk Field and, particularly, for its pioneering achievement in employing a concrete gravity structure for oil storage, the design, construction, and installation of which established the feasibility of using concrete gravity structures in other areas of the North Sea.


Texas A&M University 

In recognition of its unparalleled record of achievement in developing engineers and scientists engaged in all facets of the offshore industry and with deep appreciation for its contribution to offshore technology through its varied programs of continuing education, research, and public service.


Chicago Bridge and Iron Co. 

In recognition of outstanding achievement in the design, construction, and installation of large seafloor crude oil storage units in 1969 through 1972 in the Arabian Gulf. These 500,000 bbl structures of unique design contributed significantly to the subsea technology related to membrane structure, their placement, anchoring, and operation on the seafloor. In coupling and as an extended application, the second and third units were pioneers in adding large surface platforms integral to the storage units, permitting contemporary construction and simultaneous placement.

1974 None presented.


Global Marine, Inc. 

For the design and operation of the Glomar Challenger, which represents an efficient and cost-effective extension of oil industry ocean drilling technology to serve basic science. As the first drillship to core the world's deep ocean basins, the Glomar Challenger is credited with many technological firsts,ncluding operating continuously in a dynamically positioned mode, deepwater hold reentry, and drilling in more than 20,000 feet of water.


Humble Oil & Refining Co.

In recognition of the distinguished achievements of Humble Oil & Refining Company whose ice-breaking tanker, S.S. Manhattan, in 1969 became the first commercial ship to traverse the Northwest Passage, thereby contributing significantly to marine history and technology and to scientific knowledge of the Arctic and also stimulating interest of governments and private enterprise in developing the Far North.


Shell Oil Co. 

In recognition of the distinguished achievements of Shell Oil Co. in the field of offshore technology during the period of 1955 through 1967, when techniques and equipment were developed for floating, diverless oean-floor well drilling and completion operations that resulted in the first all-weather column stabilized floating drilling rig, the first diverless underwater completion, the first floating drilling rig, the first submersible robot-supported drilling system for deepwater floating operations and the development of an automatic, dynamically positioned, deepwater drilling vessel.

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