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OTC Distinguished Achievement Award for Individuals

2023 E.G. (Skip) Ward 

For industry collaboration to establish oceanographic and meteorological methodology and standards for offshore platform design and providing leadership and mentoring. 

2022 Drew Michel

For pioneering the transition between diving and the application of remotely operated vehicle technology that enabled safe deepwater development and providing leadership and mentoring in marine technology.

2021 Joe Fowler

For his outstanding technical leadership in risers and pipelines, for developing Stress Engineering Services, Inc., as a premier technical services company for the offshore industry, and for his volunteer leadership in higher education and the societies that organize OTC.

2020 Ronald Yeung

For his education of a generation of naval architects and ocean engineers and his fundamental research in ship and offshore hydrodynamics.

2019 Carlos Mastrangelo

For his pioneering efforts in the worldwide design and adoption of cost-efficient floating production, storage, and offloading units (FPSOs).

2018 Brian Skeels

For his extraordinary accomplishments in pioneering new subsea completions in record water depths and for the development of new tieback connections that have set and redefined industry standards. As TechnipFMC’s Technology Fellow, he serves as a technical subsea advisor for HPHT. Skeels is also a strategic planning specialist for frontier technologies and new business opportunities, including deepwater riserless light well intervention, ROV and remote robotics technology, and hydrate remediation programs.

2017 John Bomba

For his far-reaching contributions to the offshore sector. He recently retired from Genesis Oil and Gas, after working for more than 60 years in the fields of survey, design, installation, construction and construction management of offshore and onshore pipelines and related facilities worldwide. Bomba has been a licensed professional engineer in Texas for more than 50 years. He has served on the OTC Program Committee and the Arctic Technology Conference oversight committee. He holds a U.S. patent, and published more than 30 technical papers. Bomba has pipelined (onshore and offshore) every continent except on Antarctica. 

2016 Don Vardeman

For his significant leadership and extensive contributions to global deepwater developments. 

2015 Elmer (Bud) Danenberger III

For his significant contributions to offshore safety and environmental protection. Danenberger held a 38-year career with the U.S. Department of the Interior in the offshore oil and gas program. He initiated the MMS industry awards program and co-authored legislation leading to offshore renewable energy and alternate use authority. Danenberger approved and monitored the first exploratory drilling in the North Atlantic and the first California development north of Point Conception. He also authored pioneering papers on the causes and occurrence rates for OCS oil spills and blowouts, which are still widely referenced today.


Carl Arne Carlsen

For his outstanding contributions in the safety and reliability of mobile offshore structures. His work has led to the practical applications of risk management and the development of people, technology, and industry standards.


Kenneth (Ken) E. Arnold

For his outstanding leadership and extensive contributions to the E&P industry, including playing an integral role in the offshore industry’s focus on safety through the development of recommended practices for offshore design and safety management, and developing approaches to both equipment sizing and facility project management that are still in use today.


Joe Burkhardt

For his concept and systems engineering of Exxon USA’s Subsea Production System, the first wet subsea equipment designed with its own dedicated maintenance system.


Dr. Cortis (Cort) Cooper 

For his pioneering work in metocean research and his leadership of joint industry efforts to address oceanographic challenges.


Hugh Elkins

For his 53-year career in the oil and gas industry, including important advances in subsea drilling technology.


Peter G. Noble,  ConocoPhillips

For his contributions to innovative marine vehicle and floating offshore systems design and engineering, including LNG vessel design, arctic engineering and icebreaker technology, and for his dedication to encouraging and mentoring students and younger professionals.


James (Jim) Ray

For his leadership in demonstrating how the petroleum industry can operate in harmony with the environment; and for his rigorous pursuit of science related to the effects of oil and gas industry operations on marine ecology.


Marcos I. Assayag, Petrobras

For his sustaining and continuing contributions to the offshore industry through efforts to develop and foster new technologies for deepwater production, leading to important innovations in the development of offshore resources.


Peter Marshall, Retired, Shell Oil Company

For his significant contributions to the evolution of the offshore industry from shallow water, fixed platforms into ultra-deepwater floating facilities, particularly for advancements in the selection, welding and inspection of steels for offshore structures, and the development of reliability-based designs.


Professor J. Kim Vandiver, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For his numerous technical breakthroughs in the dynamics of vortex-induced vibrations that have enhanced the design of structures to withstand high ocean currents, enabling the offshore energy industry to produce oil and gas in progressively deeper water.


F. Richard (Dick) Frisbie, Oceaneering International Inc.

For his visionand leadership over several decades in the advancement of enabling technology to allow the realization of deepwater drilling and production, especially the use of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).


Albert W. Bally, Professor Emeritus, Rice University, Houston

For his work in onshore and offshore basins focusing on the structural interpretation of seismic reflection profiles. His work led to better understanding of the upper crust's complex geology, which was especially beneficial to the oil and gas industry in the offshore and onshore basins of Canada, the U.S., Venezuela, Mexico, the Caribbean, Italy, Morocco, and Nigeria. 


Bruce G. Collipp, Retired, Shell Oil Company 

For his leadership in the development of innovative ocean engineering technologies, including the invention and application of the semisubmersible floating platform, and his influence on the progress of the offshore industry.


Howard L. Shatto, Consultant, Retired Shell Oil Company 

A visionary and practicing technologist who significantly influenced the direction of offshore technology, especially in the areas of dynamic positioning and remotely-operated vehicles; his more than half century of achievements has advanced the global industry's ever increasing pursuit of deepwater.


William S. French, Consultant; Retired PGS 

For his outstanding leadership in developing and commercializing 3D seismic data processing technology to make 3D seismology practical, affordable and essential in offshore exploration and development.


Jay P. Simpson, O'Brien-Goins-Simpson, Inc. (OGS) 

For his dedicated efforts and significant contributions in the development of aqueous and non-aqueous mud systems that enable drilling completion and production of extended reach wells.


W. P. Rickey, Retired, Exxon Production Research Company 

For pioneering contributions in subsea production technology, and for direction of subsea design and system integration for major projects in the Asia Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and North Sea that have furthered the development of deepwater technology.


Edward E. Horton, President, Deep Oil Technology, Inc. 

For visionary and innovative concepts over a period of three decades that have significantly influenced the direction and development of offshore resources from marginal fields to deep water operations.


Carl G. Langner, Senior Staff Research Engineer, Shell E&P Technology Company 

For innovative and unique contributions in advancing offshore technology in the areas of pipeline and subsea technology, especially the articulated stinger for the deep water S-lay, and for championing the development and use of J-lay pipelaying methods and steel catenary risers.


Jay B. Weidler, Senior Vice President, Brown & Root, Inc

In recognition of significant leadership in the application of structural engineering concepts and approaches that have allowed safe and economic development in challenging offshore areas worldwide, including the Gulf of Mexico; North Slope and Cook Inlet, Alaska; and the North Sea.


Bramlette McClelland, Consulting Engineer (Founder, McClelland Engineers, Inc.)

For exemplary and pioneering work in the area of soil mechanics and foundation evaluation and design that has advanced the capability of industry to operate worldwide in the offshore environment using a variety of structures.


F.P. Dunn, Shell Oil Co. 

For outstandingeadership, and a bold and innovative philosophy and style that have significantly influenced the design and construction of offshore structures worldwide; and for championing cooperative government/industry efforts including the development of APl-recommended practices and work on Marine Board activities.


Milo M. Backus, University of Texas at Austin

For his pioneering work in digital seismology and 3-D seismic surveying; for his exemplary contribution to scientific knowledge as an author and as a dedicated educator; for his enrichment of the exploration geophysics curriculum; and for his farsighted commitment to exploration systems of the future through his involvement with Project SEER (Solid Earth Exploration Research).


Henri G. Delauze, Comex 

For translating a lifetime passion for diving and a visionary perspective of the industry's move to ever deeper waters into successful development and application of subsea technology involving saturation diving, subsea robotics, and remote operated vehicles; and for his management of a major offshorediving research and contracting company.


Herbert Allen, Cameron Iron Works 

For pioneering achievements as inventor and engineer in the development of well control equipment for offshore drilling and production operations worldwide; in recognition of more than 300 patents covering assemblies for blowout preventers, pressure relief valves, and chokes; and for his inspirational corporate leadership.


Bengt M. Johansson, CANMAR 

For his outstanding contributions to the development of technology for offshore exploration, drilling, and transportation in the arctic environment; and specifically for his innovative designs of offshore ice-breaking vessels and all-season mobile drilling units.


William H. Silcox, Chevron Research Co. 

For significant technical contributions and leadership as a pioneer in the design, installation, and application of a wide range of platform and subsea drilling and production components and systems that have extended industry's capabilities in the development of offshore oil and gas resources.


Lawrence B. Curtis, Conoco, Inc. 

For his inspiring leadership as engineer and manager in conceiving and supporting bold, innovative developments that have contributed significantly to advancements in many phases of offshore technology; and specifically for his contributions in the design and installation of large seafloor crude oil storage units at Fateh, and his major role in the concept, design, and successful installation of the tension leg platform at Hutton.


W. Harry Mayne, Geosource, Inc.

For his landmark invention and development of the Common Reflection Point or Common Mid Point seismic method that significantly advanced offshore and onshore exploration technology, and that has proven a major factor in the discovery of new petroleum reserves worldwide during the past quarter century; and specifically for the dramatic improvements in multiple and noise reduction, for more accurate velocity computation methods, for increased productivity of marine crews, and for overall improvements in seismic data quality that have resulted from application of his work.


Hudson Matlock, Earth Technology Corp., and Lymon C. Reese, University of Texas 

For significant research and engineering advances in relating soils and foundation technology to offshore platform design; for pioneering efforts in the development of criteria and procedures for pile foundation design in particular; and for the impact on offshore technology worldwide of their collective research and training efforts.


Ronald L. Geer, Shell Oil Co. 

For pioneering work in and contributions to floating drilling and subsea producing technology over the past 25 years, and for his untiring efforts to achieve a cooperative spirit among industry, science, and government in furthering the development of offshore resource


Peter R. Vail, Exxon Production Research 

For outstanding contributions in the development of integrated geological/geophysical interpretive techniques for stratigraphic evaluation of marine sedimentary basins through research of global sea-level changes and their worldwide controls on stratigraphy and offshore petroleum accumulations.


Fritz Huntsinger, Sr., Vetco Offshore, Inc. 

Founder of Vetco Offshore, Inc., humanitarian, and private enterprise activist. 

In recognition of 50 years devoted to the innovative technological development of equipment and services supporting oil and gas drilling and producing operations, including the inspection and coating of tubulars; threaded and nonthreaded tubular connectors; systems for floating drilling and subsea completions; and equipment for the first tension leg platform in the North Sea.


Lyle S. St. Amant, Louisiana Commission on Coastal and Marine Resources 

For 30 years' contribution to the world's understanding of the coastal and estuarine environments and for his objective counsel that has promoted the compatibility of industry with nature.


R. Curtis Crooke, Global Marine

For his significant contributions to the development of offshore technology and especially for his personal contributions to the design, construction, and operation of the Glomar Challenger and the Hughes Glomar Explorer. His oceanographic and engineering experience has been instrumental in the development of ship configuration and materials handling systems that have advanced the state of the art in offshore drilling and deep ocean mining.


George M. Pavey, Jr., Seismic Engineering Co. 

For his engineering achievements in the invention, design, and implementation of seismic streamers, acceleration-canceling hydrophones, and the control devices which have become fundamental in marine geophysical exploration survey techniques and in certain United States Department of Defense antisubmarine warfare problems.


Christian J. Lambertsen, University of Pennsylvania Institute for Environmental Medicine 

Scientist, doctor, inventor, teacher, and pioneer in man's activity below the sea. 

For his contributions to diving technology and hyperbaric physiology which have significantly extended the limits of subsea support of the offshore industry; for his important scientific publications; and in recognition of the many scientists and doctors he has taught and trained.


Alden J. Laborde, Ocean Drilling and Exploration Co. 

Inventor and pioneer in the development of offshore mobile drilling rigs.

For outstanding contributions in the evolution of offshore drilling rig technology, and for his continuous counsel and advice directed toward the development of a vigorous, worldwide, offshore drilling industry.


Arthur Lubinski, Amoco Production Co. 

For his significant contribution in the development and application of advanced technology to the ocean industry and for his outstanding role of leadership in fostering the exchange of technical information among disciplines serving the offshore community and in the organization and conduct of industry cooperative research.


Hollis Dow Hedberg, Gulf Oil Corp. 

Petroleum geologist, scientist, teacher, author of many technical publications, leader in the prospecting for oil on the offshore continental shelves and proponent of deep ocean prospecting. For leadership in offshore technology in both geology and geophysics.


William Maurice Ewing, Marine Biomedical Institute, UT Medical Branch 

Scientist, inventor, teacher, experimenter, organizer of research projects, author of scientific publications, and interpreter of the history and structure of the earth.For offshore technology accomplishments in geology and geophysics, for important scientific publications and in recognition of the many scientists he has taught and trained.


Thomas D. Barrow, Exxon Corp. 

For his dedicated service, significant contributions, and effective leadership in the areas of marine affairs and offshore exploration for oil and gas.A leading geologist and executive, he has given strong support to technical innovations aimed at extending the frontiers of offshore operations; has been one of the prime movers in expanding the search for petroleum to deepwater locations; and has served as an effective spokesman for the wise management of our ocean resources and the proper protection of our marine environment.Through such activities, he has fostered a better public understanding of the petroleum industry's marine ventures and has helped strongly substantiate their relationship to the national interest.


Jerome L. Goldman, Friede & Goldman, Inc. 

Naval architect, marine engineer, and pioneer in the development of offshore technology. 

For his leadership in the design of a substantial portion of all offshore-drilling units and tenders in existence today: For design of one of the first jack-up drilling units; for conception of the first catamaran drilling ship; for development of a family of semi-submersibles; and for pioneering the highest standards of strength, stability, and seaworthiness in offshore engineering.


Julius A. Stratton, Ford Foundation

Engineer, scientist, administrator, and statesman for the engineering and scientific communities.

For his outstanding and forward-looking leadership of the President's Commission on Marine Science, Engineering, and Resources. Through his personal commitments, energy, and perception, Dr. Stratton mobilized the effort of the Commission and its consultants to identify the existing technical and political concepts governing marine affairs, to formulate new and useful concepts, and to synthesize all of these into a landmark report entitled "Our Nation and the Sea." This report is a basis for significant and continued national identification, motivation, and action toward enhancing the marine stature of the United States of America. For his personal effort in the clear identification of national marine goals and in the planning of significant methods for achieving these goals, the Offshore Technology Conference designates Dr. Julius A. Stratton as the recipient of its first Individual Distinguished Achievement Award

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