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Distinguished Achievement Awards

Distinguished Achievement Awards

Arctic Technology Conference Names Distinguished Achievement Award Recipients

This award recognition is part of the Arctic Technology Conference, an OTC event, being conducted 5–7 November 2018. The awards ceremony will take place on Monday, 5 November, at the Hilton Americas in Houston.

Distinguished Achievement Award for Individuals


Kenneth Bird Kenneth Bird, Ph.D. will be honored with the Distinguished Achievement Award for Individuals in recognition of his contributions and extraordinary accomplishments in the industry. As a petroleum geologist, Bird led assessment teams to produce a series of scientifically sound, methodologically rigorous, and policy-neutral products widely accepted in Alaska and the global Arctic regions. 
Since the 1980s, Bird has been at the forefront of resource-assessment projects that have been executed by the United States Geological Survey. 

His publication list exceeds 180 titles and his advanced knowledge on regional geology, stratigraphy, paleogeography, petroleum systems, and related topics have been cited in more than 600 articles.  

Distinguished Achievement Award for Companies, Organizations, and Institutions



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The National Research Council of Canada will be presented with the Distinguished Achievement Award for their involvement in the development of Arctic tools and technologies. For more than 60 years, NRC Canada has provided regulatory, operational, and engineering design support to its clients.


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