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Spotlight on New Technology

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Rapp Hydema Liquid-Cooled Electric Motor

The Rapp liquid-cooled electric motor is a first-of-its-kind, recently-patented design.  The motor is used for powering winches or other machinery in demanding applications offshore and within the marine industry in general.  The motors are in most cases mounted on a Rapp-manufactured gearbox for multi-motor drives and driven by variable-frequency converters.

The unique concept with this new design is the circulation of cooling fluid through the rotating parts and internal windings, giving the optimal cooling facility and full control of the winding temperature. Due to the excellent cooling facility, the motor can provide up to 3 times more continuous torque and power than comparable air-cooled motors of  the same size, and is therefore  much more space and weight efficient.  Internal heat developed inside the motor is removed by means of  air- or water cooled heat exchangers connected to the cooling fluid circulation system externally.

The other advantage with the new concept is the facility to provide 100% continuous torque at zero speed (standstill) or very low speed which is required for constant tension (CT) systems and active heave compensation (AHC) especially when working continuously 24/7.

This motor is designed especially for use in offshore and marine applications so it is watertight and 100% encapsulated. This motor can also be used in single-drive systems and connected to any kind of gearboxes for other applications than Rapp winches.